Scheduling, Gifting, Discounts, Safety Precautions, & Other Goodness


TEXT 505.263.7882 TO SCHEDULE YOUR MASSAGE THERAPY SESSION                                                      BY APPOINTMENT ONLY & NO SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS

Gift Certificates are available for your Loved Ones!!  Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, IOU's.... endless possibilities!!  Request em now and POOF.....just like that..... the joy of giving is yours!!

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DUE TO COVID 19: As a Professional Massage Therapist, I strictly adhere to guidelines, restrictions, policies, and regulations as set fourth by nationally recognized professional massage therapy establishments, State of New Mexico, and the CDC.  As new information is continuously brought fourth and practiced on a new platform, please be patient and know that I am doing my best in being of service to you. 

For now, a series of Covid 19 related questions will be asked the day you schedule your appointment and the morning of your scheduled appointment.  ALL appointments will be completed in the comfort of your home.  The House Call fee is no longer applicable, although I may add on an extra travel fee.  However, specific equipment and essential professional items will be provided by me and specific household items will be provided by you.  I will provide items such as massage table, massage oil, massage chair, masks for both you and I, and cleaning solutions.  You provide items such as two flat sheets, two pillows, a towel, a blanket, and paper towels for cleaning the equipment.  Other items may be added depending on your needs.  Before I arrive at your home, make space available where the massage table will fit. Weather permitting, outside patio is fabulous!  Choose a space where we will be undisturbed by door traffic, phone calls, other media, etc.  Please give yourself grace to enjoy this time for yourself.  Breath in the joy of your healing journey.  When I arrive at your home and before I step into your home,  I will provide masks and take your temperature immediately.  After making sure there is enough room in the space you provide, I will then bring in my equipment.  Know also, protocol is subject to change and appointments may be canceled at any time.  My #1 moral ethical practice is: CAUSE NO HARM,  Your massage therapy session begins when you are settled down on the massage table and I set my timer.  After I clean up we can discuss your experience or we can simply call it a day.  Same as before, I continue to accept either debit card or cash  for payment.                                                                                      


Other Goodness for you to add on: 

House Call              $20 a session No longer applicable , however, I may add on an extra travel fee. 

Aroma Therapy     $5  a session

Ear Candling          $30 for 30 min session

Deep Tissue            $20 a session